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My First Computer Programme

Like most of my classmates at that time, I dabbled into computer science thinking it was all about using the computer to do fancy stuff like designing fliers, typing documents and carrying out other application-related tasks. Truth is, till today, over 80% of students who gain admission to study computer science have little or no idea of what that career is all about. They all have faulty impressions about the course, some forced down by their equally ignorant parents, others suggested by tertiary institutions as a result of one deficiency in pre-admission  requirements or the other.

Well, I was as enthusiastic as I could be, expecting that I’ll outshine my other colleagues in everything because I had gotten years of experience as a graphic designer, desktop publisher and typist of a pretty good speed. Imagine my surprise when I was faced with unimaginable courses like statistics and probability, calculus and the most annoying, basic programming. What the heck was algorithms and high level languages? Worse still, I had lecturers who either didn’t care about what I understood or didn’t understand, or they simply assumed I was supposed to understand. One was even bold enough to just speak my thoughts out loud when he said “if you thought computer science is all about typing with the computer,  then you’re in the wrong department ladies and gentlemen. I would recommend secretarial studies ”

To be continued.

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