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When do you know when you’re good enough to start contributing to Open Source projects?


So, I have been learning Python for …..2 weeks … yeah, and I am getting a little bored to keep taking classes/studying computer science as I try to keep that initial momentum. I am doing problems on HackerRank which helps.
But, I really want to feel like I’m doing something impactful/useful and I’d like to make it a goal to contribute to open-source projects.

But…I need a good gauge on when that’s realistic. (I’d like to make clear I am not super amazing (yet) and am struggling a little so, I know I couldn’t right this second – I need something to aim for)

Should I try after trying my own project(s) first or after learning certain concepts? I’d especially like to hear other self-taught programmers’ experiences or advice.
Thanks in advance.

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