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Renewing passion for design

Oct 26, 2018

I’m a 16 year design veteran and have had the privilege of working at and with some of the top tier studios in my city. I’ve been solo now for about 9 years and am really losing my love for design and I’m not sure why. It may be because I’ve been so busy the last two years trying to keep my head above water that I’m focused more on cranking work out to get it off of my plate than I am at doing good design. It may be because I haven’t had an interesting job for a while and everything that starts out promising just ends up into the same formulaic design that keeps all clients happy. It may be because with advances in tech over the last few years I feel like everyone thinks they are a pro and just tell me what to do instead of trusting my experience, expertise and judgement, rendering me into just feeling like a production artist.

I have some side business ideas that I’d like to eventually move into but they involve design in one way or the other and the thought of finishing up my day work and jumping into evening work is completely unappealing. Plus I have a kid with another on the way so financially I’m not in a spot to take the risk.

So, question to you guys is what do you do to rekindle your passion for design when you find yourself uninterested or even jaded like I feel lately.

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