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Onimusha remake but in RE4’s mold

Feb 11, 2019

Onimusha was great for the time but I would wager a guess that a lot of people today are turned off by fixed cam perspectives and won’t be so inclined to play them. As much as I like the games, it’s rightfully so. There was a lot of combat cheese in the first two games because of the cameras. Lorem Ipsum Temp Mail 10 Minute Mail

If the Onimusha trilogy were to be remade, I hope they give them all the RE2 remake treatment. Rather than head/knee shot stuns being the conditional for QTE melee, they can be triggered by a successful dodgeroll or perfect defense.

While I type this, I realize it’s almost just like the new GoW.

I was not a big of a fan of the Dinocrisis series but I guess giving this series the same treatment could be alright as well. Not sure what can be done to differentiate it from RE other than the statement “it’s RE but with dinosaurs” which I guess is fine for many people but I’d rather that the interaction with a different creature type creates some deviation on mechanics.

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