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Is getting a job in 2D animation realistic nowadays?

Jan 7, 2019

I love all kinds of animation. From 3D to stop motion to traditional. But my main passion and love is in the hand drawn department. I feel like hand drawn animation has the most style and artistic expression in it compared to any other type of animation. I’m currently a high school senior, and I know for a fact I want to do animation for a living, preferably 2D. The thing is, it seems like it would be really hard getting a job in 2D animation in the U.S, as almost all TV shows are now animated overseas and in the feature film department – they’re basically a thing of the past. So say I go to college and got a degree in traditional animation AND had a good reel, how likely would I even be to get a job? I just feel like 2D animation is dead when it comes to getting a job (in the U.S) Omegle

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