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Intelligent slime battling to take over the earth

Feb 11, 2019

A scientist messed up bad and allowed a bunch of intelligent slimes loose into the world. Each slime block wants to rule the world so they all fight each other to become the best. Basically, this would be different from other battle royale games because: Omegle PutLocker

There would be people with chemicals that would shrink your slime. If you are able to eat those people (by transforming into a puddle under them) then you are able to spew the chemical back out at other players later.

Instead of having multiple guns, vehicles, etc. everything would be made from yourself. So building walls would take slime from your block. Same with building floors, ceilings, etc. Traps could be slime puddles that trap other players or slow them down.

You can grow your slime by eating other players or finding small slime pieces throughout the map. Ingestible chemicals would also be placed throughout the map

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