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I’m looking for recommendations similar to Bloom Into You

I recently finished Bloom Into You and I absolutely loved it. The animation was gorgeous, I loved the characters and most of all the tone of the show. It was probably my favorite show of last year. If anyone could recommend me shows similar to it, that would be awesome!=”

Some side notes about what I specifically liked about it. I didn’t like the show just because it was yuri (though that was a plus). I liked the romance of the show, the more serious aspects of the show (it didn’t have a ton of comedy and the comedy that was there wasn’t over the top and bombastic). Really, I would just like recommendations that have a similar tone. I’ve seen and liked Citrus (though that show is a dumpster heap in comparison to Bloom Into You). I absolutely love Hyouka and I think it has a similar tone to Bloom Into You even if the themes of the show are different. I’ve also loved Your Lie in April. I haven’t seen very many older romance shows so hop waiting for me. Thanks! FetLife

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