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I doubted Clannad and I was very very wrong

‘m a big action fan, only dabbling with dramas like Monogatari and the like VLC

I went into Clannad and After Story like “Nah, I don’t cry, I’ll be fine”

Catch me at Episode 16 and beyond of After Story concerning my family because I keep hugging them while crying every 20 minutes CCleaner

I predicted most of the plot points and major events but they still HIT. SO. DAMN. HARD. Happy Wheels

Some of the fuckin lines in this show, I swear to god, are the most heartbreaking lines I have ever heard in my entire life.

I tried everything I could afterwards to cheer myself up, but It’s been about a day and I still feel like theres a massive hole in my heart.

I know you folks have probably hear this a thousand times, what with the rewatch being very recent and the sheer popularity of the show causing it to be recommended 10 years after it aired,

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