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Can anyone recommend a way to log the amount of time you have spent editing a project for a client?

Jan 10, 2019

Hello everyone,,

Working in adobe PP for a client who has been a nightmare. They’ve been kicking off about me requiring further payments to continue working for them, and we’ve agreed an hourly rate. They are not massively savvy and I’m concerned they Watch Movies Online may question the number of hours it’s taken to fulfil their requests. CyberGhost Can anyone suggest a way of logging the time it’s taken to edit their videos without setting up a camera ExpressVPN behind me and filming my entire days work?

Best whiteboard animation video services

The animation is one of the things that has gained the attention of different fields due to the contemplation making things or objects to be depicted with depth and detail in the videos or images. However, the specifications of the animation might change according to the different kinds of animation. Well, in the field of education the most used kind of animation is whiteboard animation. I with the same needs am looking for the best whiteboard animation video services that can help me out to make an animated video that could be used for the purpose of making my research to be explained.  I want the quality of the video to be amazing and animated as I want it to be. Also, I want the prices to be affordable so that I could consider the animation from them. Do you have any idea about any such whiteboard animation video services?

What is better for video editing?

Nov 30, 2018

Hello everybody,,,

I’m pretty new to the video editing world, I’ve only dabbled in it for a year or two on and off making random gaming videos for youtube. I’m getting a little more into it now, and would like to optimize my setup for the best efficiency.

I have 3 systems, a gaming TutuApp system, a server, and an editing rig. My Lucky Patcher issue is trying to figure out which parts to cobble together Kodi so all systems can perform the most efficient.

System 1: Gaming Rig

GPU: GTX 1070

RAM: 32gb DDR4 2400

CPU: i7 7700k (@stock, water cooled) 4c, 8t

System 2: Server Rig

GPU: GTX 660ti

RAM: 16gb DDR4 3200

CPU: Ryzen 2600x (@stock, air cooled) 6c, 8t

System 3: Editing Rig

GPU: GTX 660ti

RAM: 24gb DDR3 1333

CPU: dual Xeon X5690 (@stock, 3.46ghz, both cpu’s are water cooled) 12c, 24t

I mostly use Hitfilm for all of my editing, as it was free and it seems extremely powerful (probably more than I need but I’m used to it now). My question is, which of the 3 above mentioned CPU’s would be the best for rendering?

Currently on the xeon setup, exporting a 1080p video about 40 min in length with very little effects takes around 2 hours. I’m not sure how long it’s supposed to take, but that’s what it’s taking for me so I thought I’d ask the community on here what they thought. Would the Ryzen setup be better for the editing? What are your thoughts?