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Best whiteboard animation video services

The animation is one of the things that has gained the attention of different fields due to the contemplation making things or objects to be depicted with depth and detail in the videos or images. However, the specifications of the animation might change according to the different kinds of animation. Well, in the field of education the most used kind of animation is whiteboard animation. I with the same needs am looking for the best whiteboard animation video services that can help me out to make an animated video that could be used for the purpose of making my research to be explained.  I want the quality of the video to be amazing and animated as I want it to be. Also, I want the prices to be affordable so that I could consider the animation from them. Do you have any idea about any such whiteboard animation video services?

Need Help designing Elimination round graphics for a Competition

Dec 8, 2018


Noob here.But very fast learner and tech savvy. GoToMeeting What software to use to basically IrfanView show names of all participaring contestants and the names of contestants Town of Salem who went on to the next round at the end of every elimination round of the competition?

Graphic designer portfolio

Dec 1, 2018


Good morning everyone. I’m on the task of revamping my website. I’m a huge fan of simple and clean. No overcrowding. Do you have any suggestions for a good WordPress theme? Or how would you go about displaying your work in the most minimal way possible online.

Any help is appreciated.

Help a web designer understand some print color basics!

Nov 27, 2018

Hey friends,

I work at a company that mostly does online marketing and also some print on the side for clients who need it. We’re very low budget compared to big agencies so our clients don’t normally fret over colors. However at the moment I have a client wanting a very bright neon green RGB color for her logo and it naturally doesn’t print out well at all, and she’s not taking our explanations. ShowBox

Using Illustrator, I created a RGB color mode PDF of colors she picked that she can see on her screen in RGB, and then print out and see the difference for herself. For fun I also saved a copy of this RGB document, then changed the color mode to CMYK. I assumed that Mobdro both my RGB and my CMYK PDF files should print out looking the same, but to my surprise they did not. The RGB version did indeed print out much closer to her colors (albeit, duller, of course) while the CMYK “version” the blues printed out unacceptably purple. Below are the two PDF files as well as a quick iPhone snap of what printed out. VidMate



Side by Side Photo Comparison

Needless to say, whatever little understanding I thought I had print color has just been ruined. Can anybody explain to me what’s going on here? Why didn’t these RGB and CMYK files print out the same or very close to it?

Thanks in advance!

A computer monitor for graphic design.

Nov 27, 2018

Hello Everyone,,,

I’m trying to buy a PC monitor that I’m gonna use for design works.

Learning that graphic designers are picky about accurate color  Watch Movies Online  rendition, I want to know what you recommend? I’m most likely going with an 2K IPS monitor with minimum of 100% sRGB coverage.

I’m currently using my macbook for most design works, what color profile do you use? Should I change from CyberGhost default to Adobe orsRGB to match ExpressVPN my new PC?


Edit: I apologize to those who recommended me the 1080p monitors, I forgot to mentioned the min. resolution I need is 2560×1440. No need for 4K, but 2K at least.