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What is a simulation? A detailed comparison between Animation, and Simulation.

Jan 10, 2019

Ever since this subreddit started getting more traction, more and more people began posting non-simulation videos. In each of these posts, users will comment something along the lines of “This is not a simulation,” and an argument would ensue. So I am writing this post to, hopefully, end this never-ending cycle. I hope the mods do not remove this post, because I think it could end much of the hostility GoToMeeting in the comments around here. Perhaps this could even be a stickied post, so all new users see it.

What is a simulation?

According to the dictionary, the word simulation is defined as, “imitation of a situation or process.” However IrfanView, this definition does not actually constitute what a simulation is in the world of CGI. In CGI, simulations are essentially visualizations of real-world processes that are generated using mathematical models. That is to say, the final product of a simulation is something that was created using fundamental rules of nature or some system, such as Newton’s Laws of Motion, Fluid Dynamics, or various other mathematical models. In a simulation, it is Town of Salem often the case that each frame was created by manipulating information from the previous frame.

How are simulations different from animations?

It’s quite common for animations and simulations to coexist in one medium. There are plenty of simulated components in animated movies, such as Disney’s Frozen (Snow simulation), and Hotel Transylvania 2 (Cloth simulation). However, simulations and animations individually are very different by nature. As previously stated, simulations try to model real-world processes, and use mathematical models to generate necessary data. Animations, on the other hand, are usually created through a manual process. Animators manually keyframe the attributes (position, rotation, scale, etc.) of objects in a 3D scene. It’s possible for manual animations to look convincing, but that does not make them simulations.

The “Ray tracing” argument.

Many 3D rendering engines use a process called “ray tracing” to create images of a 3D scene. For anyone who is unfamiliar with ray tracing, here is the definition from Wikipedia:

In computer graphics, ray tracing is a rendering technique for generating an image by tracing the path of light as pixels in an image plane and simulating the effects of its encounters with virtual objects.

Because of this definition, many people argue that any 3D render is a simulation, so long as it was rendered using ray tracing. By definition, it is true that the process of ray tracing is a simulation. However, this argument is very silly because the entire purpose of the term “simulation” in CGI is to make a distinction between what is manually created, and what is created using the previously talked about mathematical models. Therefore, when we discuss simulated graphics, ray tracing is not considered a simulated process.

Examples of animated (non-simulated) posts:

  1. “Satisfying simulations” – 3.4k upvotes

  2. “Bender’s old job” – 2.2k upvotes

  3. “Up or Down?” – 1.4k upvotes

  4. “Adobe Dimention Rendering” – 1.4k upvotes

  5. “Depression – Robert Ek”

Many of these animated posts accumulate upvotes, and sometimes they stick around for a few days before getting removed. Because of this, new users who see these posts get a false idea of what a simulation actually is. Hopefully this post was informative to any newcomers. If you would like to suggest edits, please comment.

Bar code animation ?

Jan 9, 2019

Hello everyone,,
so I saw earlier this week a printed card that had nothing but a bar code/ QR code that when scanned by a phone drawings start popping up and animation was created.
What I’m asking about is what is this technique called, and how can it be done?

Looking for Animation software!

Dec 24, 2018

I bet I’m not the only one who was gifted a drawing tablet over christmas, so I’m not just asking for myself.
I’m looking for a good frame-by-frameGoToMeeting animation software, free IrfanView if possible. I do have a little Town of Salem experience with animating, so it doesn’t have to be a beginners thing. Could anyone help me out?

Animation workflow

Dec 18, 2018

I’ve been trying to grind out a scene where I use Mery.Rig on Autodesk Maya to play out one line from an audition..

(in specific, I chose to animate between 10 to 20 seconds)

I managed to get a OK first line.. But I am having trouble queing the head movements naturally as seen by the actress. So I went on to see videos that eventually gave me three steps I completely ignored while self learning – blocking, splining, and polishing.

Now that I’m trying to block the character.. it seems that the tangents and curve are made instantly when I make keys which is what I don’t see on the reels online. All in all I’m having trouble finding a definitive guide on how to do this properly as it would save me some real progress by not doing it scientifically by myself….

Best whiteboard animation video services

The animation is one of the things that has gained the attention of different fields due to the contemplation making things or objects to be depicted with depth and detail in the videos or images. However, the specifications of the animation might change according to the different kinds of animation. Well, in the field of education the most used kind of animation is whiteboard animation. I with the same needs am looking for the best whiteboard animation video services that can help me out to make an animated video that could be used for the purpose of making my research to be explained.  I want the quality of the video to be amazing and animated as I want it to be. Also, I want the prices to be affordable so that I could consider the animation from them. Do you have any idea about any such whiteboard animation video services?

Anything good made with flash/ Adobe Animate?

Dec 8, 2018

I’m thinking of shows like adventure time, Avatar, Korra.
Each frame GoToMeeting was hand-drawn, and inbetweened not IrfanView using vector graphics… am I right?
Is the only draw to flash for those Town of Salem who want to save time tweening? Or does anyone use it for hand-drawn animation….

Collaborative 2D Animation YouTube Playlist

Dec 8, 2018

Hello guys,,

I’ve created a collaborative playlist for anyone who has a 2D animation to share! Please don’t spam the playlist, I will allow you to upload many videos but you must wait until there is three videos in between your last upload and the new. Watching/liking the videos in the playlist will support your fellow creators and improve the playlists visibility and thus your videos, so giving it a watch is a great thing to do! I will personally like/comment/subscribe to every submission. Here is the link you must use to upload..

Thank you in advance,…

Animation is looking for New Mods!

Dec 7, 2018

Hey everyone, here, I am the acting head mod of this . The present GoToMeeting head mod has been AFK for a long time IrfanView. Which is not fair to this are. This is really deserves to be treated Town of Salem properly. This is where you glorious bastards come in… We are looking for new mods starting NOW.

Technology trends & consumer purchase behavior for motion capture/3D character animation products – survey

Dec 5, 2018

Hello guys,,,

I am conducting a survey as part of my research paper that focuses on the impact of technology trends on consumer purchase behavior for motion capture/3d character animation products as part of my digital marketing course.

The survey takes 2-3 minutes ShowBox  to complete and Mobdro comprises of 10 questions.

Your responses to the survey are completely VidMate anonymous and will only be used for the purpose of this paper.

Thank you very much! 😀

Looking to get some new hardware, advice?

Dec 1, 2018

   Hiiiii, so Im making the jump to 3D animation, and I’m looking for some ideas on what kind of PC I should use.

I’d only be using it for work, and I have wacom tablet I do my 2D stuff on, so I can connect that across if needs be for texturing and the like. I wonder if anyone here has any recommendations on what models they use and such? I heard good things about Alienware when I was in Uni. but that is a few years ago now.

Plzzzzz help,,…..