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How Javascript Works – let’s Understand it in a Quick Talk

Dec 8, 2018

Hello Friends,
I am back with another great video on a super Watch Movies Online mysterious topic CyberGhost – “HOW JAVASCRIPT WORK”, please have a watch. Let me know ExpressVPN what you think and hope you learn something new today……

Anything good made with flash/ Adobe Animate?

Dec 8, 2018

I’m thinking of shows like adventure time, Avatar, Korra.
Each frame GoToMeeting was hand-drawn, and inbetweened not IrfanView using vector graphics… am I right?
Is the only draw to flash for those Town of Salem who want to save time tweening? Or does anyone use it for hand-drawn animation….

Is it alright that I copy and paste code without understanding it?

Hiii guys,,

Lets say I need a block of code Watch Movies Online that performs a certain function.

Until now, I have been studying this code to fully CyberGhost understand how it works before using it. I realized that it is very time consuming, and I usually end up forgetting what I studied a few days later.

So is it alright if I just paste code into my program without fully ExpressVPN getting into understanding it?

Collaborative 2D Animation YouTube Playlist

Dec 8, 2018

Hello guys,,

I’ve created a collaborative playlist for anyone who has a 2D animation to share! Please don’t spam the playlist, I will allow you to upload many videos but you must wait until there is three videos in between your last upload and the new. Watching/liking the videos in the playlist will support your fellow creators and improve the playlists visibility and thus your videos, so giving it a watch is a great thing to do! I will personally like/comment/subscribe to every submission. Here is the link you must use to upload..

Thank you in advance,…

Graphic Design Worth it??

Dec 7, 2018

I just turned 20 two weeks ago and I am looking into taking graphic design classes in my next 2 years of high school. I have been taking programming classes for my freshman and Watch Movies Online sophomore year to see if i have any interest in it as a future career choice (spoiler alert: I hated every second of it). I have been messing around in graphic design for CyberGhost a year or so for an online community I help manage. I have had a great time learning and trying to concepts and am interested in pursuing it in college and as a career choice.

I have a concern, however, that it will not pay off as they do not make a lot of money according to my research. ExpressVPN One of my friends sort of mocked me when I mentioned that I mentioned him my interest in the field as a career. So my questions listed below are to anyone that is familiar with/works in the field….

Animation is looking for New Mods!

Dec 7, 2018

Hey everyone, here, I am the acting head mod of this . The present GoToMeeting head mod has been AFK for a long time IrfanView. Which is not fair to this are. This is really deserves to be treated Town of Salem properly. This is where you glorious bastards come in… We are looking for new mods starting NOW.

Graphic designer portfolio

Dec 1, 2018


Good morning everyone. I’m on the task of revamping my website. I’m a huge fan of simple and clean. No overcrowding. Do you have any suggestions for a good WordPress theme? Or how would you go about displaying your work in the most minimal way possible online.

Any help is appreciated.

Looking to get some new hardware, advice?

Dec 1, 2018

   Hiiiii, so Im making the jump to 3D animation, and I’m looking for some ideas on what kind of PC I should use.

I’d only be using it for work, and I have wacom tablet I do my 2D stuff on, so I can connect that across if needs be for texturing and the like. I wonder if anyone here has any recommendations on what models they use and such? I heard good things about Alienware when I was in Uni. but that is a few years ago now.

Plzzzzz help,,…..

Issue with video editing

Nov 30, 2018

Hello everyone,,

So when I am editing my  video project. The clips do not fit the screen. I’m guessing that I did not put the right settings in the preset when I first created this project. Does anyone know what are the correct preset setting for the canon T7i? Or where I can find that information?

Plzzzz help,,,,….

Some thoughts on perpetual vs. subscription-based licensing for photography software

Nov 30, 2018

As I have seen people comparing the cost of the two in so many other threads and forums concluding that subscription is MUCH better, I decided to share my thoughts on this and why I simply do not agree with the statements that go along the lines of:

“If I pay for subscription, the cost is the same as buying a “perpetual” license every year anyway but I get to receive all the updates so it’s much better. It’s only £XX/month anyway, that’s less than your gym/phone/whatever monthly cost, surely you can afford that.”.

I and, hope that some feel the  same way (but let me know in the comments) simply do not have the need to upgrade every year. I still use LR6 and can’t really see a compelling reason to justify upgrading at the moment (other than LR is super slow sometimes but, if anything, I would rather move away from LR but I digress…).

I bought LR6 in May 2015 – the “classic” version or whatever it is called now – the one on perpetual license. I paid £100 for it then – so comparing monthly cost this turns out to be just under £2.50/month as of Nov 2018. The best part is that I am free to use it in its full capability for however long I want, no further fees needed – it’s PERPETUAL.

Plus, in my view, some folks paying for the subscription are really being ripped off as the features introduced by Adobe are not exactly “ground-breaking” and, frankly, offer poor value for money. At the end of the day, for me at least, it is not so much about how much I pay for something but what value for money I am getting.

Did some of the CC features really were so amazing that you would have upgraded to the new LR version if it was perpetual?

“But I get this that and the other with it, it’s great value!” Well, if I buy LR, I am after LR and not LR, Photoshop, cloud storage and a monthly pack of cigarettes. I don’t smoke. If you do, then this might be actually good value to you. But it’s not for me.

How much better would my photos be if I had the latest version of Creative Cloud? How much easier would my workflow become? I doubt I would notice any significant difference…

Don’t get me wrong – for some people subscription may actually be a better option but folks like me, who are not pros and do not need the latest and greatest as soon as it comes out, it really isn’t. Unless, in LR case, Adobe really starts to deliver great content.

And then there are folks who pretty much did not want to move away from LR but their new camera was no supported…