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How to encourage a budding photographer?

Feb 16, 2019

Hello everyone,,

I bought my girlfriend a Fujifilm Instamax camera for Christmas and she apparently loves it so much that “she wants to become a photographer.” She’s gotten very interested in blogs, following photographers on Instagram, and so on, so I think she’s pretty serious about learning the skill.

I’m sort of an amateur photographer myself and I’ve had a couple exhibitions, so I am trying to use my knowledge to help her explore this interest more.

My question is: how can I help? Where do I even start? And to be clear: she asked me for help. I’m not projecting my interest on to her at all.

Some initial thoughts I’ve had are:

  • Help her come up with an idea for a project

  • Go shooting with her

  • Get a couple books on famous photographers, for inspiration

  • Let her borrow my mirrorless Fujifilm camera (a “real” camera compared to the Instamax)

How have you encouraged a friend/family member to develop their photography interest?

Standing out while following the rules of logo design?

Feb 16, 2019

Hello everyone,,

Amateur here! I’d love to hear some of your thoughts about the relationship between the “rules” of logo design, which are often endorsed in logo critiques in this subreddit, and the fact that logos are meant to differentiate a brand. Specifically, I’ve been thinking about the post with that huge grid of startup logos– they looked boring all together, but wouldn’t each one individually receive praise if it were posted for critique?

Some of the rules are clearly for practical reasons, like the size logos need to be seen at. Any thoughts on other rules and conventions in logo design? Do you have any examples of logos that “break the rules” and still work?

How do you get better at coding interviews?

Hello everyone,,

I just can’t seem to get the knack of these things. I get nervous and the practice problems almost always feel impossible.

Am I doing this wrong? I’m always aiming to get the right answer? I’ve been told this is not always the best thing to do.

What does everyone else do? Honestly sometimes it just feels like an uphill battle.

Good resources for vintage posters and book covers?

Jan 21, 2019

Hello everyone,,

I am looking for some resources on finding vintage posters and book covers. I currently just google stuff.

Example of what I am looking for:

I designed this for a competition using these.

I am wanting vintage western, retro futurism and horror styles. This stuff is more of a passion project but I am looking into doing some event posters like this.


Ps4 help on Lg Oled tv, graphics fix

Jan 19, 2019

Hello everyone,,

For the past 8 months, I have had a brand new lg oled 4K tv, and I hooked my Ps4 to it(regular ps4), and it ran amazing and the graphics were great, not 4K but high performance 1080p. But, something went wrong a couple months ago, all my ps4 games started to look bad all of the sudden. Games that had looked great before were now very bad graphically. The trees in the distance and all objects were blurred from a distance, which had never happened before. Certain parts of the games were extremely vibrant while other were saturated and dry. Watch Movies Online Games like Steep, a winter sports game, had bad trees and ok snow physics now that the thing happened. Recently, I loaded just just cause 4 into my ps4, and it looked horrible. I’ve seen gameplay of it on regular CyberGhost ps4, and it looks 3x worse, seriously. I took to the Internet with little help. Maybe it’s a problem with rgb, deep color or hdr, I’ve tried experimenting with turning things off while leaving others on or all of it off or on. I’ve had no luck, sometimes it gets better but then it goes bad again. Maybe it’s a calibration issue, ExpressVPN possibly my ps4 output settings are not matched with my 4K oled tv output settings, I don’t know how to change it or fix it. Maybe my screen is too stretched out, but I’ve had it like that the whole time, so I don’t know. I put in red dead redemption 2 in my ps4 and it loaded in, I’m going to play today, and I fear it will be the same as all my other games, bad graphics with bad color and blurry at medium distances. Please help me, I really need help to fix this..

I just discovered adobe animate and I’m having a blast! Can I get some guidance?

Jan 19, 2019

Hello everyone,,

 I hope this is the right place to ask this question, but I’m in need of a little guidance. I studied the fundamentals of animation through the The Animator’s Survival Kit so I have a very simplified grasp of the basics and I want to practice GoToMeeting little things, like walk cycles and basic motions. IrfanView Problem is that I can’t draw to save my life. I’ll try to take some basic classes when I get some money saved up.

That said, adobe animate lets me build a skeleton on an existing image and animate it there. Town of Salem While I start learning to draw something nicer than stickfigues and cubes I want to keep working on this software. Is there a place where I can download basic characters with no backgrounds that I can plug into animate and practice on? What is this kind of asset called? (so I can better refine my googling). I want to get better at building skeletons and moving them.

Sorry for the lack of technical terms, I’m still very green and I’m (unfortunately) stuck learning on my own as I can’t afford schooling..

Can anyone recommend a way to log the amount of time you have spent editing a project for a client?

Jan 10, 2019

Hello everyone,,

Working in adobe PP for a client who has been a nightmare. They’ve been kicking off about me requiring further payments to continue working for them, and we’ve agreed an hourly rate. They are not massively savvy and I’m concerned they Watch Movies Online may question the number of hours it’s taken to fulfil their requests. CyberGhost Can anyone suggest a way of logging the time it’s taken to edit their videos without setting up a camera ExpressVPN behind me and filming my entire days work?

What is a simulation? A detailed comparison between Animation, and Simulation.

Jan 10, 2019

Ever since this subreddit started getting more traction, more and more people began posting non-simulation videos. In each of these posts, users will comment something along the lines of “This is not a simulation,” and an argument would ensue. So I am writing this post to, hopefully, end this never-ending cycle. I hope the mods do not remove this post, because I think it could end much of the hostility GoToMeeting in the comments around here. Perhaps this could even be a stickied post, so all new users see it.

What is a simulation?

According to the dictionary, the word simulation is defined as, “imitation of a situation or process.” However IrfanView, this definition does not actually constitute what a simulation is in the world of CGI. In CGI, simulations are essentially visualizations of real-world processes that are generated using mathematical models. That is to say, the final product of a simulation is something that was created using fundamental rules of nature or some system, such as Newton’s Laws of Motion, Fluid Dynamics, or various other mathematical models. In a simulation, it is Town of Salem often the case that each frame was created by manipulating information from the previous frame.

How are simulations different from animations?

It’s quite common for animations and simulations to coexist in one medium. There are plenty of simulated components in animated movies, such as Disney’s Frozen (Snow simulation), and Hotel Transylvania 2 (Cloth simulation). However, simulations and animations individually are very different by nature. As previously stated, simulations try to model real-world processes, and use mathematical models to generate necessary data. Animations, on the other hand, are usually created through a manual process. Animators manually keyframe the attributes (position, rotation, scale, etc.) of objects in a 3D scene. It’s possible for manual animations to look convincing, but that does not make them simulations.

The “Ray tracing” argument.

Many 3D rendering engines use a process called “ray tracing” to create images of a 3D scene. For anyone who is unfamiliar with ray tracing, here is the definition from Wikipedia:

In computer graphics, ray tracing is a rendering technique for generating an image by tracing the path of light as pixels in an image plane and simulating the effects of its encounters with virtual objects.

Because of this definition, many people argue that any 3D render is a simulation, so long as it was rendered using ray tracing. By definition, it is true that the process of ray tracing is a simulation. However, this argument is very silly because the entire purpose of the term “simulation” in CGI is to make a distinction between what is manually created, and what is created using the previously talked about mathematical models. Therefore, when we discuss simulated graphics, ray tracing is not considered a simulated process.

Examples of animated (non-simulated) posts:

  1. “Satisfying simulations” – 3.4k upvotes

  2. “Bender’s old job” – 2.2k upvotes

  3. “Up or Down?” – 1.4k upvotes

  4. “Adobe Dimention Rendering” – 1.4k upvotes

  5. “Depression – Robert Ek”

Many of these animated posts accumulate upvotes, and sometimes they stick around for a few days before getting removed. Because of this, new users who see these posts get a false idea of what a simulation actually is. Hopefully this post was informative to any newcomers. If you would like to suggest edits, please comment.

Animation workflow

Dec 18, 2018

I’ve been trying to grind out a scene where I use Mery.Rig on Autodesk Maya to play out one line from an audition..

(in specific, I chose to animate between 10 to 20 seconds)

I managed to get a OK first line.. But I am having trouble queing the head movements naturally as seen by the actress. So I went on to see videos that eventually gave me three steps I completely ignored while self learning – blocking, splining, and polishing.

Now that I’m trying to block the character.. it seems that the tangents and curve are made instantly when I make keys which is what I don’t see on the reels online. All in all I’m having trouble finding a definitive guide on how to do this properly as it would save me some real progress by not doing it scientifically by myself….

Design course choice – advice needed

Dec 18, 2018

I’m based in the UK and soon finishing a HND (which would be an Associate diploma in the US – usually equivalent to two years in university) in Graphic Design. I would ideally like to save up money and apply to finish my degree at UWE in Bristol, because they offer a part-time variable (and I need to work) and their design course is quite solid, practice-oriented and seems to be well-regarded. I’d have to save up at least 10K, though, and move to Bristol from across the country. Locally, I have a much more affordable degree option called “Creative Imaging” and accredited by LJM University. Obviously, I would much rather go to UWE, but I wonder if anyone here could advise on whether or not the community college seems even worth consideration (I don’t care AS MUCH about prestige, as what I actually would learn and how it is likely to improve my portfolio/design acumen). Here is the description of the course (I will go to an open day too):

” This course supports diverse studies in graphic design, moving image, printmaking, photography and aspects of fine and applied art. The course offers a programme of study which responds flexibly to the requirements of the creative industries by evaluating, reviewing and updating course content and its relationship with the market place.  You will be required to research in detail aspects of advertising, digital imaging, contemporary practice and real life design problems.

The programme is a vocationally-orientated course, which will consolidate existing knowledge and prepare students for a variety of Creative Imaging associated practice. The course aims to ensure that the student achieves the academic and practitioner standards as laid out in the QAA Benchmark Statements relevant to Art and Design.

The course team have a vast amount of experience not only in the delivery of the course but in their professional field. Lecturers are current practitioners in fine art, photography, graphic design, dissertation writing and business.

The course is offered on an  part-time basis delivered on a Monday. With 8 hours in-college learning delivered in one day each week, with approximately 240 hours of student contact per year. You will also be required to complete up to 5 hours of home study each week.


  • Advertising

  • Fine Art

  • Self Directed Dissertation

  • Business Planning

All modules on the course are rated at honours level.


Applicants must have:
a) A minimum of 96 UCAS points
b) HND pass at Merit level in a Creative area subject which may include Graphic Design, Fine Art, Illustration, Photography or Media
c) Submission of a portfolio
d) Interview is required
e) GCSE Maths grade C or Essential Skills L2
f) GCSE English Language grade C or Essential Skills L2


There are two theoretical modules; business planning and the self-directed dissertation.  The other modules are practical based assessment.

Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU).


On successful completion of this course you may progress to study at postgraduate level.  Alternatively you may go into employment in the creative industries, print-based graphic design, motion graphics, freelance illustration, fine and applied art or interactive design for the internet.”

Thanks very much for any input! 🙂