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My try to Achieve 3D scan quality within Substance Designer

Feb 18, 2019

I got the idea to scan individual construction materials and bake them down into very detailed height maps to be used in Substance Designer. This way you can almost achieve scan quality in a non destructive workflow. I went to the store and started off with the normal bricks and roof tiles. After that i picked up some sharp rocks and Garden bricks. Everything turned out great and the people who tried it so far really liked it. Sarkari Result Pnr Status Vidmate

Product Line Rendering Project – Realistic Standards/Goals?

Feb 16, 2019

I work for an electronics manufacturer as a product manager and on the side play around with Keyshot; I’d say I’m above competent in my skillset and have been practicing a few hours a day. Anyways, my work is going through a rebrand and we need new product images for the web. Instead of hiring photographers or outsourcing, I offered to do renders of all the products; about 40 total (though each product needs 3-4 viewsets, so around 100 renders total). I have until April to have them ready and I’ll be working on this maybe 2-3hrs a day. I’ve been playing around with Keyshot and have a good idea of how I’ll setup the workflow with scene set templates that I can drop products into. Lorem Ipsum Temp Mail 10 Minute Mail

Advice for breaking into 3D in Civil Engineering?

Feb 16, 2019

Hey guys, I’m a sysadmin for a civil engineering company. Even though I handle their IT, I have always had a pretty deep interest in 3D and a desire to get into it professionally. As of now, I don’t know much beyond the basics. Every few years I install 3ds Max and dabble in modelling and animation with it just for fun, but I have never dedicated a serious amount of time to it. Omegle PutLocker

At our company we use Civil3D for everything. In the past, some of our landscape guys have done work in Sketchup but because it’s Sketchup, the output was adequate but objectively not very good.
I have always worked in IT and my only experience with AutoCAD is from the management side (installation, deployments, maintenance, licensing, etc.).

Looking for an animator to help with a popular YouTube channel.

Feb 14, 2019

I have two YouTube channels, one with 1.7 million subscribers which i have been uploading on since 2015 and one with 18k subscribers which i have just launched.

I uploaded 11 videos onto the new channel and gained just over a million views in total.Quite literally a few hours after i hit this milestone YouTube attempted to shut down my channel for “fair use” purposes.

They deleted all my videos even though NONE of them had any copyright complaints. Sarkari Result Tutuapp Vidmate

They then went over to the main channel (1.7m) and attempted to do the same and disabled monetisation for a few hours until it was disputed and they claimed to have made a mistake.

They have reinstated my new channel (18k) but now to keep it i will have to create content which includes only imagery/video which belongs to me.

You are barely allowed to use pictures found online anymore as they have recently changed their fair use policy due to the ad purge which started two years ago.

I am looking for an animator to help me animate the videos, i will supply the narration and storyboard.

As i already have experience on how to make viral videos from my original channel, by helping me with the secondary channel you will get the opportunity to help build a successful channel while making $ on the side.

I will also offer promotion for any websites/social medias you want so you can increase your reach.

If anyone is interested leave a comment or message me.

Onimusha remake but in RE4’s mold

Feb 11, 2019

Onimusha was great for the time but I would wager a guess that a lot of people today are turned off by fixed cam perspectives and won’t be so inclined to play them. As much as I like the games, it’s rightfully so. There was a lot of combat cheese in the first two games because of the cameras. Lorem Ipsum Temp Mail 10 Minute Mail

If the Onimusha trilogy were to be remade, I hope they give them all the RE2 remake treatment. Rather than head/knee shot stuns being the conditional for QTE melee, they can be triggered by a successful dodgeroll or perfect defense.

While I type this, I realize it’s almost just like the new GoW.

I was not a big of a fan of the Dinocrisis series but I guess giving this series the same treatment could be alright as well. Not sure what can be done to differentiate it from RE other than the statement “it’s RE but with dinosaurs” which I guess is fine for many people but I’d rather that the interaction with a different creature type creates some deviation on mechanics.

Intelligent slime battling to take over the earth

Feb 11, 2019

A scientist messed up bad and allowed a bunch of intelligent slimes loose into the world. Each slime block wants to rule the world so they all fight each other to become the best. Basically, this would be different from other battle royale games because: Omegle PutLocker

There would be people with chemicals that would shrink your slime. If you are able to eat those people (by transforming into a puddle under them) then you are able to spew the chemical back out at other players later.

Instead of having multiple guns, vehicles, etc. everything would be made from yourself. So building walls would take slime from your block. Same with building floors, ceilings, etc. Traps could be slime puddles that trap other players or slow them down.

You can grow your slime by eating other players or finding small slime pieces throughout the map. Ingestible chemicals would also be placed throughout the map

Would anyone be interested in being paid to write some articles about 3D modeling, rigging etc?

Feb 6, 2019

Apologies if this isn’t allowed on the sub but I didn’t see any rules against it. I’m having an incredibly tough time finding writers to cover 3D topics related to games/animation/char design & I’m thinking Reddit might be a great place to ask!

I help to manage a digital art site and we need to hire a great writer for some short-term content about 3D work. We do pay for the writing, usually on a per-word basis but rates can be open for discussion. I won’t post the link here since I don’t want to appear like a spammer or a promoter but if you want to see the website first please PM me and I can share the link. Lorem Ipsum Temp Mail 10 Minute Mail

Topics we need content about: articles on almost all 3D software, tips/tricks for different types of 3D work(rigging, character modeling, sculpting, mapping, plenty more), and beginner guides covering some basic principles of 3D work.

Which should I use, Maya 3D or Blender?

Feb 6, 2019

I’ve recently have gotten the motivation to pursue a personal project of mine. I want to model and animate scenes out, and then be able to draw over each still frame of the 3D animation, to give it a 2D look and use that as the final product. I’ve heard that Blender recently got an update which gave it much more tools, etc, but I still would like to hear the opinions of people who used BOTH in the last 3 years. I prefer the animation process be easy to do, since I will be basically animating in both 2D and 3D. Omegle PutLocker

New to animation and confused by perspective

Feb 5, 2019

So, for the longest time I’ve only been doing digital art, and it was only last year that I really started trying to learn to use one-point and two-point perspective properly, meaning I’m not the greatest with understanding when and how to use them.Showbox Tutuapp Vidmate

I’m trying to practice animation by using a list of exercises I found online, and I’m still on the very basic ones. It’s been fine with the bouncing ball and character head turn exercises, but now that I’m at the “brick falling from shelf one” I’ve been having loads of trouble.

Hi all. What do you think of Disney Animation’s social media?

Feb 2, 2019

Do you follow their social media? Do you engage with their accounts? I know this might be the wrong subreddit, but Im stumped on how DAS could improve their social media. Thiught maybe experts on animation Disney/Pixar might have some great insights. I am taking a social media strategies course and have to come up with something. Wondering if I should have selected a “client” with more room to grow. Thanks for your help. Lorem Ipsum Temp Mail 10 Minute Mail